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Does Sytropin HGH Spray
Actually Work?

Do not buy Sytropin until you read this...

I get a lot of questions asking me about Sytropin hgh spray so I decided to write a web page dedicated to evaluating their product.

I strongly urge you to read my review carefully before you decide to purchase Sytropin.

So first of all, let me ask you a question:

Why are you searching for information about Sytropin anyway?

My guess is that you first heard about Sytropin because it was recommended to you by several other websites.

But you should ask yourself, are those "recommendations" that you saw honest and genuine?

No, of course not. I doubt that any of those people recommending Sytropin have ever even tried it before. You see, Sytropin offers an affiliate program in which they pay website owners and advertisers a large percentage of each sale referred to them. As such, all of those "recommendations" that you saw were created by affiliates hoping to make a commission off of you.

I could show you many examples of how affiliates and even Sytropin are trying to fool you with their "recommendations" of Sytropin, but I think you get the point.

Besides, my focus here is to evaluate the effectiveness of the product (Sytropin) and not to discuss the marketing tactics of Sytropin or their affiliates. The only reason I mention their questionable marketing tactics and bogus "recommendations" in the first place is simply to make you aware that Sytropin really isn't as highly regarded as they would have you think. It's just another product that people can make money with if they can convince you to buy it, which is why you see it "recommended" all over the place.

See it for what it really is.

So now that you know this, you can forget about the false hype and phony recommendations that brought you here and we can get down to the business of accurately evaluating the effectiveness of the product itself.

Which brings us to the next question...

What's the best way to fairly evaluate the effectiveness of Sytropin?

In my opinion, there's only one way to know whether or not something works...

You have to try it to see if it works or not.

Makes sense, right? The only way to really know if it works or not is to try it - or find someone who has actually tried it and will honestly tell you if it works or not.

Well, since I couldn't find any honest information out there about Sytropin (because of all the affiliates trying to trick you with their phony reviews), I decided to play the guinea pig and try it for myself.

So that's exactly what I did. Several months ago, I paid over $125 and bought myself 3 bottles of Sytropin. My plan was to take it for 3 months and report my findings on my web page. I had high hopes for it and I wanted to give it a real chance to work, so I took extreme measures to make sure that I could evaluate it fairly.

My 3 Month Sytropin Trial

  • First, before I began the trial, I stopped taking any other supplements 45 days before I began my Sytropin trial - that even included multi-vitamins.

  • Second, I did not take any supplements or medications at all during the entire course of the trial. I did this to make sure that nothing else was affecting the results positively or negatively in any way.

  • Next, I didn't change or alter my diet or exercise regimen in any way while using Sytropin.

  • And finally, I religiously followed the directions for using it and I never missed a dosage.

So what happened? Did I see any results?

Unfortunately, no. I saw zero results.

Here's what happened:

I didn't know how soon to expect results since there is no information on the Sytropin website about it. So I kept a positive attitude and figured I'd eventually start feeling or noticing something different.

After the first month (1 bottle used), I still had not noticed any changes so I decided to send Sytropin an email and ask them when I should start seeing results. I told them in my email that I had already completed 1 bottle and have yet to see any results whatsoever. To my surprise, they never replied! After 5 days, I sent the same email to them again, thinking perhaps they didn't receive the first one for some reason. Once again, they never wrote back!

Now I was starting to get a little irritated. Here I was, now half way through my 2nd bottle and I still had no results. And to top it off, they wouldn't answer my simple question. I'm sure I'm not the first person to ask them this question so why wouldn't they reply?

I then decided to call their toll-free number and ask them the same question. That was a big mistake. When I called their toll-free number, I got some rude guy on the other line who said that he could not answer any questions about the product. He said the phone number was for placing orders only. He said I needed to email Sytropin if I had any questions. I told him that I had done that twice already and they have not replied! He said "it wasn't his problem" and then abruptly asked "are you gonna place an order or not?". As soon as I said no, he just hung up on me!

So much for that. I continued taking the Sytropin spray as directed even though they had never answered my question.

After the 2nd month (2 bottles used), I still had not seen or felt any differences or results. I started feeling very dismayed by the whole thing, but then I would tell myself that maybe all I need is just a little more time. So with that, I started the 3rd bottle.

Long story short - I polished off the 3rd bottle and I still had no results. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

I figured that if I hadn't seen any results after 3 months of dedicated use, then I never would. So I ended the trial right then and there.

In my mind, the results were very clear - Sytropin does not work!

And what's more, their customer service (or lack thereof) sucks big time!

At this point, I thought the story was over...

I figured now that I had learnd the truth about how ineffective Sytropin is, I could return the empty spray bottles that I saved and take advantage of that 90 day money-back guarantee they talk about all over their site.

Boy, was I ever wrong!

When I had bought the bottles, it took me 11 days to receive them from the day that I ordered. I then used them as recommended for exactly 3 months which is 90 days. Two days after completing the trial, I mailed them back to Sytropin using Priority Mail and expected to get a refund as they promised.

Weeks passed by, and I never received a refund. One day I sent them an email asking about it. This time they acutally replied, but I didn't like what they had to say. They told me that I had exceeded the 90 day guarantee period and so I was not eligible for a refund. I was pretty ticked off about hearing this. I immediately wrote back and explained to them that it took me 11 days to receive my order, so it's not my fault. Guess what? They never wrote back. Big surprise.

So what's the bottom line here?

My research here has shown me several things:

  1. Sytropin doesn't work. It's as simple as that. I actually tried it for 3 full months and I saw absolutely no results during that time.

  2. Anyone who "recommends" Sytropin is either an affiliate for Sytropin or an employee of Speedwinds Nutrition (the company that sells Sytropin). I doubt any affiliate has ever even tried the product.

  3. Sytropin customer service is very poor. If you order from them, don't ever expect them to answer any questions from you.

  4. Beware of Sytropin's return policy. Sytropin doesn't seem to honor their money-back guarantee adequately. Technically, I did return my order after 90 days, but it was very close to 90 days and they refused to take into account the fact that my order took 11 days to arrive to me to begin with.


A lot of people who read this page eventually write to me and thank me for warning them about Sytropin.

But inevitably, they all ask me the same question...

"So Greg, what's a good alternative to Sytropin?"

That's a very good question and I'm sorry to anyone who read my page before and left wondering this very same question.

To help guide you in the right direction, I have updated this web page with more of my research in this area.

To date, the most effective oral hgh spray I have found is a product called Z-tropin which you can find at http://www.z-tropin.com

I highly recommend Z-tropin and after testing many of the top hgh products on the market, I have found Z-tropin to be the most effective oral hgh spray you can buy.

It's the same price as Sytropin but unlike Sytropin it actually works. I now use Z-tropin every day and wouldn't want to do without it. I feel happier, more energetic, stronger and leaner than I have in years - plus I look better - and I know that it's all because of the Z-tropin.

Not only that, Z-tropin tastes better than Sytropin and the company that sells it actually answers emails! What a novel idea that is.

As a side note: A few people have written to me and said "hey greg, I thought you said that Z-tropin was the same price as Sytropin - it's not". Actually, it is and I'm sorry you're confused about it. You see, Sytropin sells a 1 oz. bottle for $59.99 + shipping. Whereas Z-tropin sells a 2 oz. bottle for $119.99. The 2 oz. bottle costs twice as much but that's because it lasts twice as long! The Z-tropin bottle lasts for 2 months and the Sytropin bottle only lasts for 1 month. So if you do the math, you see that Z-tropin is the same price. And in fact, if you take advantage of Z-tropin's buy x, get x free deals, you save a lot more so it's actually less expensive than Sytropin. I hope that answers your questions about that.

In Conclusion

I hope you have found this web page useful.

My whole goal here was to make you an informed consumer. You have the right to know the facts about something before you actually buy it.

I know what it's like to get burned by clever marketing tricks - which is why I felt the need to create this web page to begin with.

If you'd like to give Z-tropin a try (the best spray in my opinion) then you can visit them by clicking here

If you're interested in hgh sprays, you may want to bookmark my web page and check back later. I'll be updating this page periodically with my progress as I use Z-tropin and test other products as well.

I'd like to add more information to this page so that future readers can stay informed. The purpose here is to simply help you make a smart buying decision when it comes to human growth hormone products.

There are a lot of different HGH sites out there which make wild claims about their products. My goal is to cut through all the hype and give consumers the facts about which HGH products really work.

So if you have any comments or suggestions about how to improve this page I'd love to hear from you. You can email me here. I'd especially like to hear from anyone who has tried GHR1000 or any other type of HGH product.

If you like, I can even post your email here (anonymously, of course). Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope this information helps in some way.

Best of luck,

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